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Cure Biomedical prides itself on the ability to find and vet highly effective, competent BMETs, Administrative Personal, Management and Leadership candidates within the Industry.  We are active in a number of HTM professional groups including CMIA, AAMI, CABMET, FBS, and several Military Biomed Groups. 

Here is some of what Cure Biomedical can offer for your staffing problems:

Customized BMET Support
We can provide support for most levels of competency (BMET I, II, III etc.)  From a pump tech to a Periop tech, we’ve got you covered.  Our techs are cleared through a variety of avenues.  From letters of attestation by Cure Biomedical to Vendormate (GHX) or through your organizations vetting process, we are flexible. 


Incoming Inspection Teams
When you are opening a new facility or growing an existing one, we can help manage and execute the incoming inspections of new equipment and or traveling equipment being installed.  We work with your Clinical Technologies Team and administrators to follow your organizations protocol.  Adhering to this and maintaining alignment with all governing agencies on proper test procedures, your incoming devices are numbered, inspected with all proper labeling and data is then provided, or entered to your CMMS.      

New Opportunities for Techs
In efforts to support the industry, we provide training programs and internships with recently graduated, or upcoming graduates from several colleges across the country.  This is very important to us and the industry as we have felt an industry-wide decrease in BMETs.