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CURE Biomedical was launched after decades of experience within the Clinical Technology Industry. We realize your equipment management needs are multi-faceted, so our solutions are as well. We look forward to the future of Healthcare Technology Management and the role CURE Biomedical will be playing in it. 

CURE Biomedical was a proud supporter of our community and health-care professionals throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Multifaceted Experience in the Healthcare Industry

Although our focus is on the quality services of medical devices, we also have experience working with operations throughout the healthcare industry. This knowledge and experience with multiple departments enables us to provide service with a better overall understanding. 

This allows for better interdepartmental communication within a single project, or service program. Knowledge and empathy towards departments is key to a synergistic and successful relationship, resulting in the best possible outcome for all.

What we do

CURE is blazing a new path in the Healthcare Technology Management industry by providing our clients with customized services that meet their specific needs. Whether it's speciality devices, general biomed, staffing issues, inventory projects, old equipment, and more, we're ready to provide solutions to your most difficult challenges.

Clinical Engineering

General Biomed

Operating Room Devices

Surgical Tables

Surgical Lights

Imaging Services

Staffing Solutions

CURE Biomedical pulls several resources to provide competent and well-vetted Clinical Engineers for long or short-term projects.

Specialty Services

Equipment Evaluation

Asset Reconciliation

Contract Negotiation

Acquisition Consulting

Process Improvement

Project Management

Buy Old Equipment

There are many options when deciding what to do with your idle and excess medical equipment. Let CURE Biomedical provide a lucrative solution to your need.

Biomed Jump Teams

Our traveling Biomed Team can help with annual inspections, installations, specialty projects and much more. Comprised from Military and CBET Technicians, they are as competent as it gets!

Bring Outside Contracts In-house

We can help your Team set up in-house repair and maintenance programs for a variety of equipment typically on contract, saving large amounts of money and downtime.

What CURE Biomedical is doing to support Coronavirus relief


CURE Biomedical is teaming up with Bloom Energy to mitigate ventilator shortage in the US.

Respiratory Care Service Technicians

CURE Biomedical is working with multiple hospitals to provide augmented staffing solutions and skilled Respiratory Care Service Technicians.

Hospital Support

Providing much needed HTM ancillary support to overburdened hospitals across California.

Life-saving Devices

CURE Biomedical is cooperating with various organizations in efforts to maintain medical devices that are critical to ensure undisrupted hospital functions and well-being of patients.

Ready to Find Out More?

Let CURE Biomedical provide an on-site, no-cost assessment as to what can be done to help your Healthcare Organization operate at the most cost effective, efficient and patient-safe level possible. 

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CURE Biomedical is proud to work with some of the top hospitals and healthcare providers in the United States. We consider our clients and their satisfaction to be the key to the growth of our business.

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