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We realize your equipment management needs are multi-faceted, so our solutions are as well. We look forward to the future of Healthcare Technology Management and the role CURE Biomedical will be playing in it. 

"CURE Biomedical has proven, beyond expectation, in their ability to effectively provide solutions to our Clinical Technologies Department’s ever-changing needs." 

Jose Sabas - Clinical Technologies Manager - UCSF Medical Center

What we do

CURE is blazing a new path in the Healthcare Technology Management industry by providing our clients with customized services that meet their specific needs. Whether it's speciality devices, general biomed, staffing issues, inventory projects, old equipment, and more, we're ready to provide solutions to your most difficult challenges.

Clinical Engineering

General Biomed

Operating Room Devices

Surgical Tables

Surgical Lights

Imaging Services

Staffing Solutions

CURE Biomedical pulls several resources to provide competent and well-vetted Clinical Engineers for long or short-term projects.

Specialty Services

Equipment Evaluation

Asset Reconciliation

Contract Negotiation

Acquisition Consulting

Process Improvement

Project Management

Buy Old Equipment

There are many options when deciding what to do with your idle and excess medical equipment. Let CURE Biomedical provide a lucrative solution to your need.

Biomed Jump Teams

Our traveling Biomed Team can help with annual inspections, installations, specialty projects and much more. Comprised from Military and CBET Technicians, they are as competent as it gets!

Bring Outside Contracts In-house

We can help your Team set up in-house repair and maintenance programs for a variety of equipment typically on contract, saving large amounts of money and downtime.

  • Clinical Engineering
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Specialty Services
  • Buy Old Equipment
  • Biomed Jump Teams
  • In-house Contracts
Clinical Engineering

CURE Biomedical strives to provide our healthcare customers, partners and friends alike with the best clinical technology solutions possible. We do this by not only having a stellar team of engineers and administrative support, but by our long and trusted relationships with Independent Service Organizations (ISO), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and industry leaders. We have gained and continue to gain multiple perspectives from becoming part of the culture through our intimate relationships with Hospital Systems throughout the country. We contribute and participate with many professional groups such as the California Medical Instrumentation Association (CMIA) and Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).​Outside of what you would call “general biomed” CURE Biomedical specializes in a few distinctive areas outside the common day-to day biomed duties.

Solutions for Sterile Processing Departments

This is comprised of a Full Asset Evaluation on all related devices and their current operating condition. With this we can set up the most cost-effective maintenance program based on use and environment, ensuring maximum operational time. We prefer to take this approach rather than putting “bandages” on an issue, only to come back a week later. Our goal is to eliminate downtime by providing a truly smart preventative maintenance program.

In the Operating Room

CURE Biomedical offers customizable maintenance solutions as well as total device maintenance management for your Surgical Department’s specific needs. Whether it’s a single item that needs an incoming inspection for compliance or an ongoing total maintenance contract in which we perform all the preventative maintenance and repairs throughout the year.  Rest assured, all services performed are in accordance with the regulatory compliance governing your organization. From AAAHC to TJC and CMS, we have been there! 

The Rest of Your Facility

Maintenance and repair solutions for the rest of your facility are just as customizable as in the OR. From exam rooms, clinics and even physical therapy, we offer a wide range of services to keep you up and operational. Even with such a variety of medical devices on the market (such as patient rooms with specialty devices like ceiling mounted patient lifts) we have been able to help and assist.

Staffing Solutions

CURE Biomedical prides itself on the ability to find and vet highly effective, competent BMETs, Administrative Personal, Management and Leadership candidates within the Industry. We are active in a number of HTM professional groups including CMIA, AAMI, CABMET, FBS, and several Military Biomed Groups. 

Here is some of what CURE Biomedical can offer for your staffing problems:

Customized BMET Support

We can provide support for most levels of competency (BMET I, II, III etc.) From a pump tech to a Periop tech, we’ve got you covered. Our techs are cleared through a variety of avenues. From letters of attestation by CURE Biomedical to Vendormate (GHX) or through your organizations vetting process, we are flexible. 

Incoming Inspection Teams

When you are opening a new facility or growing an existing one, we can help manage and execute the incoming inspections of new equipment and or traveling equipment being installed. We work with your Clinical Technologies Team and administrators to follow your organizations protocol. Adhering to this and maintaining alignment with all governing agencies on proper test procedures, your incoming devices are numbered, inspected with all proper labeling and data is then provided, or entered to your CMMS.  

New Opportunities for Techs

In efforts to support the industry, we provide training programs and internships with recently graduated, or upcoming graduates from several colleges across the country. This is very important to us and the industry as we have felt an industry-wide decrease in BMETs.  

Specialty Services

CURE Biomedical has aligned itself with a very talented pool of individuals and companies spanning across all facets of the HTM industry. Please ask us about any of the following specialized enhanced services for more information. 

  • Billing Disputes/Resolutions
  • Capital Purchase Planning
  • Service Invoice Audits
  • Service Contract Negotiations
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Complete Asset Audit
Buy Old Equipment

This has been part of the growing history of CURE Biomedical since the 90’s. Our ability to provide multi-faceted services is only complemented by our sourcing capabilities. With hundreds of companies competing on the secondary and foreign markets, your equipment is worth more than you might know. We have multiple avenues to help make the process of equipment disposal easy and more importantly, lucrative.

From the outright purchase of your idle and excess medical equipment, to donations to 501c3 entities allowing for large tax write offs. CURE Biomedical has a solution that can be customized for your need.

We also offer removal and de-installation of imaging systems, sterilizers and other large and expensive project oriented operational de-installations.

Under the proper circumstances, we can remove, store, repair, market and sell your equipment in efforts to maximize your profit on a consignment based agreement.​Any way you look at it, we have the knowledge and support to help.

Biomed Jump Teams

One of the dreams of CURE Biomedical has been to provide support services to rural and even out of country Healthcare Organizations. We know how difficult it can be to receive proper and affordable maintenance and service when your facilities are located in places that are geographically challenged.

We are currently working on building a team to accomplish this dream. Please contact more information or if you have interest in joining this team.

In-house Contracts

We at CURE Biomedical believe that if your organization is in a financial position to bring on additional in-house programs, than there is an opportunity to increase deliverables within the Clinical Technology Departments.​Healthcare Organizations across the country are paying exorbitant amounts of money on services that can easily be performed in-house with some guidance. We have the capability to provide this guidance. By ways of implementing the management of a short-term cross-over program that entails bringing outsourced services over into in-house operations, we can help save big money in a short amount of time.​ The return-on-investment is a great value added, but pales in comparison to clinical engineering’s new immediate response time ultimately resulting in the organization’s operational uptime.

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